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We are proud to have partnered with some wonderful organizations that align in our mission to break the stigma surrounding mental health. Here is a little bit more about each organization.

Nickel Open Fund

The Nickel Open Fund (NOF) is an organization dedicated to helping build better lives for those affected by mental health issues. NOF advocates and raises funds for education, access to services, treatment, support and research for those affected by mental illness.

We offer help through support and educational programs for students, families and individuals living with mental health conditions. We are committed to raising awareness, building a community of hope for all and partnering with state and county organizations.

Website: www.nickelopenfund.org

NAMI Minnesota

NAMI Minnesota (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with mental illnesses and their families. For over 40 years, NAMI Minnesota has worked to promote the development of community mental health programs and services, change public attitudes about mental illnesses, improve access to services and increase opportunities for recovery.

NAMI Minnesota champions justice, dignity, and respect for all people affected by mental illnesses. Through education, support, and advocacy we strive to effect positive changes in the mental health system and increase the public and professional understanding of mental illnesses.

To serve that mission, NAMI Minnesota works with individuals with mental illness, their families, professionals and the community at large by providing education, support and advocacy.

Website: www.namimn.org

Duck Cup Memorial Fund

The Duck Cup Memorial Fund is a Non-Profit Organization formed of graduates from New Prague High School Class of 2000.  In 2001, we had the extremely unfortunate experience of losing a close friend to suicide.  It affected us all tremendously.  Several years later, we eventually started this organization with a mission of bringing mental health awareness through professional speaking events, to high school students in New Prague, as well as the New Prague community. We started this journey in 2013 and as a result of very generous funding through multiple fundraisers, and have since expanded from just high school students in New Prague, to grades 7-12 in the New Prague, Tri-City United (Montgomery, Le Centre, Lonsdale), Belle Plaine, Le Sueur/Henderson, Shakopee and Jordan school districts.  Our annual speaking events are held throughout the year. In 2019 we reached over 10,000 students, parents, teachers and community members. We are dedicated to ending stigma associated with mental health issues, and moving away from a crisis-based response to prevention through education.

Website: www.duckcupmemorial.org

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